Greg Wood

Greg Wood

How Long Have You Worked at Alpha?

I was nine years old when I first learned how to rack aluminum parts. During my college years at MSU, I would spend my summers working in Alpha's accounting department. After college I pursued retail and then information technology for many years. I came back to Alpha in 2010, initially to assist with sales for about six months. It wasn't in my original plan to work in the finishing industry, but the challenges and rewards it presents are awesome. It feels good to know you are making a difference. The best part of my job at Alpha is working with an exceptional team!

What Are Your Hobbies/Interests?

I really enjoy traveling and hiking with my family. Taking a ride on my mountain bike helps me clear my mind. Reading the Bible, leadership books and historical biographies is something I do regularly. I enjoy cooking for my family. Also, I am an avid fan of film noir, sci-fi, and classic movies.

What Is Your Favorite Food?

Filet Mignon. However, since I can't afford to eat it that often I typically eat Thai, Italian, or Mexican food.

Where Do You Like to Vacation?

I enjoy traveling with my family to new places each year. But, one of our all time favorites is Mackinac Island.

Favorite Cartoon Character?


Best Movie Ever?

Did I mention that I love film noir and classic movies? I consider Casablanca to be one the best movies ever made.

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