Color Anodizing

Make Your Parts Look Decorative and Durable!

Alpha Metal Finishing provides rapid turnaround, color anodizing for parts that have a specific requirement or just need to have a particular decorative look. Aluminum components can be dyed during the anodizing process to produce luxurious finishes with a deep color that can only be imitated by paint.

Alpha works with a number of medical device, electronics, and sporting goods manufacturers who require consistent, high quality results. All of our dyes are organic, with the exception of gold, and meet the highest standards for color fastness, heat fastness and light fastness. Most of the color dyes we offer are metal free.

Alpha currently offers the following standard color dyes: 


Black Anodize

Royal Blue

Royal Blue Anodize


Red Anodize


Gold Anodize

Blue A

Blue Anodize


Purple, Sanodye Violet 3D


Gunmetal Grey

Gunmetal Grey Anodize





Citron Anodize




Orange Anodize


Green Anodize


NOTE: The following color dyes are available upon request. Please contact us in advance to schedule these colors as they require extra time to set up, usually 48 hours: 

  • Turquoise
  • Brown
  • Copper
  • Violet
  • Bordeaux Red
  • Food Zone Dyes (Certified by the NSF)

NOTE: The shades displayed on this website are intended to convey the general characteristics of the product and do not illustrate the actual appearance of the finished dyeing.  Due to differences in computer monitors and system preferences, the colors displayed can vary. There are many variables that affect the final finish on parts so we highly recommend that you request samples. Please also review content below on color matching.

Are Custom Colors Available?

A variety of other custom colors are available. If you need a particular color for your product please consult with our sales department for more details. NOTE: Please contact us in advance to schedule any of our custom colors. We cannot process custom colors on a rush.

Can You Color Match?

Anodizing with dye color is not the same as paint or powder coating. Color and shade can vary depending on the part: different alloys, finish texture and the process of anodizing will alter colors and shade. In color dye processing there are multiple variables:

  • Color anodized parts for medical device and sporting goods manufacturersAnodic coating thickness
  • Type of dye
  • Temperature of solutions
  • Concentration of solutions
  • Type of etch used
  • Time in each process
  • Size of the load on the rack
  • Current density variation

We monitor and measure these variables as tightly as possible. Because of the challenge in perfectly matching color and shade in the anodizing process, it is Alpha's policy to establish an acceptable color range for each part with our customers (light, medium, dark). In order for us to provide you with the best possible color match, we recommend that parts assembled on the same product be anodized at the same time.

Understanding and Specifying Anodizing

Anodizing is perhaps the most common specified finish for aluminum components. We receive many questions from manufacturers related to how the process works. With the permission of Joseph Osborne we provide this excellent resource on understanding and specifying anodizing.

Recent Testimony 

"Since we started using Alpha Metal Finishing for our anodize needs, we have experienced excellent results. Great cosmetic finishes and predictable build-up specifications is a must for our products. Alpha has removed the guesswork out of anodizing!"

--Mike I.