The Working Genius of Alpha's Employees

The Alpha team listened to a presentation about the Working Genius Assessment. 

We learned about ourselves and each other through the Working Genius Assessment, with the help of our certified trainers, above.
At Alpha, we can’t emphasize the importance of our employees enough. They are the reason we have been providing top-quality service for 46 years and counting to hundreds of loyal customers. And no matter the role they play at our organization, each member of our team brings unique strengths and assets to the table. 

Learning How We Work
To help all of us understand how to make the most of our contributions to Alpha and to work as effectively as possible as a team, each employee has taken the Working Genius Assessment. Designed by Patrick Lencioni, the Working Genius Assessment highlights the six types of working genius (for example, The Genius of Wonder, The Genius of Invention, and more). It helps identify a person’s general characteristics, the way they work, and the way their coworkers complement their working style so they can thrive.

Taking the assessment helps the employee see which area of working genius they most strongly align with and determine how they can best leverage the strengths of their type of genius. Unlike other assessments, the Working Genius specifically helps team members discover the types of work that give them joy and energy, as well as the types of work that drain or deplete joy and energy. The assessment also identifies working competencies. 

Headed For Success
After initially taking the assessment, our team came together as a group to share what we had learned with the help of Certified Working Genius trainers. “I have personally taken many personality and professional assessments over the years, but The Working Genius is the first one to really zero in on the talents of my team members and help us understand how we can put them in a position to tap into their joy and energy,” said Greg Wood, Alpha's CEO. “We want our team members to thrive and the Working Genius model gives us the opportunity to make that happen.” 

As a result of taking the Working Genius Assessment we have a better understanding of why we have been successful or unsuccessful in past endeavors. It is helping us discover how to avoid making unfair and inaccurate judgements about each other's motivation and we are beginning to make adjustments to roles to better tap into strengths (geniuses). We believe this will lead to a more energized team that experiences joy and fulfillment in our workplace. 

With greater knowledge of the way in which we work we can all come together to make the best of our geniuses, our competencies, as well as our frustrations. Alpha will be providing a deeper dive on the Working Genius with team members in July when our certified trainers return.

"If you want to be successful and fulfilled in your work, you must tap into your gifts. That can't happen if you don't know what those gifts are." --Patrick Lencioni