Alpha Metal Finishing's Wastewater Solution Profiled in Finishing & Coating Magazine

Alpha's Wastewater Treatment System

Read the latest from Finishing & Coating Magazine about Alpha’s long-standing issues with our wastewater system! In 2018 it became clear that our business was outgrowing the capabilities of our wastewater treatment system, which was designed for the company during our computer chip-processing days, not for the high volumes of color anodizing, hardcoat, and chromate it sees today. As an environmentally-conscious company that cares about the community around us, solving this issue has been a high priority for Alpha. 

Owner Greg Wood shared with Finishing & Coating the story of nearly four years of looking for the right solution, of working with multiple vendors who were unable to help us move forward in a cost-effective way, before we started to partner with the team at Hubbard-Hall. They “went above and beyond” to help us find the right solutions for our equipment and the chemistry we use to improve our waste treatment system. 

Also, check out the episode of the Seen & Solved Podcast from Hubbard-Hall about Alpha’s experiences below!