Alex Elliott Is Now Providing Quality Assurance for Alpha

Two of the most important aspects of Alpha Metal Finishing are our employees and the quality of our work. We can’t have one without the other and now we’re especially grateful for Alex Elliott, our new Quality Assurance Specialist, who ensures that the work we do meets our high standards before it goes out to the customer.

Alex earned a bachelors of science in Biochemistry from Eastern Michigan University in 2019. He joined Alpha’s team in April of 2022 as a Production Specialist. In this role, Alex proved to be hardworking and efficient, racking parts for processing and unracking and packaging the final product for shipment.

Recently, recognizing his eye for detail and exceptional communication skills, we promoted Alex to Quality Assurance. After parts are processed he checks to ensure that they meet customer requirements and quality standards. If there are any quality issues he notifies the customer. “Sometimes there may be bleeding of the anodize from blind holes, blemishes on the material, damaged parts, or missing pieces,” says Alex. “I often communicate with customers to update them on any quality concerns and I also direct our team on how to proceed with parts that may need to be reprocessed.”

In his time here at Alpha, Alex has enjoyed the working atmosphere and his coworkers the most. “Everyone that I work with is wonderful and hard working in their own right,” he says. “However, together we make quite the awesome team that is capable of coming together to complete rigorous deadlines while maintaining the same quality standards that our customers have come to expect.” He added, “Greg, Jamie and Sara do such an amazing job at keeping everyone happy and fulfilled in their daily work that it makes coming in every day so much easier.”

When he’s not at work, Alex is a homebody who loves watching movies and TV with his wife, cooking, or taking his Huskies for a walk. “Dogs have always been a big part of my life,” he says. “I’ve only ever had Huskies. So I’m sure you can imagine just how hairy and energetic my house can be!” Alex is also an avid gamer who loves playing friendly and competitive games with friends and family online.