A minute with Sara Smith, Alpha's Production Coordinator

At Alpha, we know our biggest strength is our employees, who are the foundation to our success. We’d like to spotlight Sara Smith, our new Production Coordinator, who has been with us since 2018 but was promoted to her new title in October of 2021. She plays an invaluable role for us, working with the production team to ensure orders are fulfilled in a timely manner and with the quality our customers expect from Alpha.

Sara came to us from another company where she worked for four years as a packaging specialist/quality inspector. Her first role with Alpha was in Quality before she became a Production Specialist. “My background is almost entirely production and manufacturing related,” she says. 

Sara’s favorite part of working with Alpha is our people-centered culture. “The environment here is just completely different than anywhere else I've worked,” she says. “They truly want you to be happy in what you do and thrive. I think this is where a lot of companies go wrong, only caring about quotas and meeting deadlines. Alpha knows one of the keys to success is its culture.” 

As for her new role as Production Coordinator, what Sara likes most is being able to interact with the reason we are here: our customers. “We have a great relationship with our customers and it’s very rewarding to hear from them what a great job our team has done.” 

Outside of work you’ll find Sara spending most of her time with her two children. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she says. “We enjoy doing lots of things together; going to the park, arts and crafts, board games, laser tag, movies, the list goes on and on. When I do have a rare moment to myself, I like to relax and get lost in a good book.” We’re grateful to have Sara on our team!