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Important Tips Prior To Anodizing
We strive to provide superior quality and make parts look great for each and every customer by following best practices and minimizing risk. We have provided some helpful tips to keep in mind prior to sending an order.
Important Care Tips After Anodizing
Anodizing is exceptionally durable and resilient to corrosion, but it is not impervious to damage. In order to protect your anodized coating investment we have provided some important care tips to keep in mind.
Understanding & Specifying Anodizing
Anodizing is perhaps the most common specified finish for aluminum components. It is significantly different than paint, powder coating, or other plating processes. Here's what manufacturers need to know.
Five Factors That Impact Quality
Metal finishing is that final step in the supply chain before delivery of a finished good which requires the utmost in attention to detail. There are multiple factors that contribute to the anodizing quality. Here are the top five.

Case Studies

Our passion is solving some of the most difficult finishing issues for our customers.

Recent Customer Testimonials

"Alpha Metal Finishing was a pleasure to work with from day one. They are very responsive and solutions oriented. We truly value a supplier that makes our lives easier!"

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Research and Development

Research and Development
Looking for a little help in your anodizing experience? Read More

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Ask The Expert

Got a finishing related question? Ask The Expert is a way for you to get answers to your most difficult technical questions related to anodizing, hardcoat or chromate conversion.

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